Tree Removal in South Jersey

We provide South Jersey Tree Removal, Tree Pruning & Trimming, and Stump Grinding services. We cut down trees, trim trees away from your house, remove tree branches hanging over wires or property lines, handle storm damage cleanup, and more.

Tree Removal South Jersey | Lewis Lawn & Tree Service

When Should You Call a South Jersey Tree Removal Company?

While trees can add interest and shade to your property and landscape, sometimes trees need to be removed. Here are some situations in which a tree should be removed from your South Jersey property:

Why Lewis Lawn & Tree Service for South Jersey Tree Removal?

Tree Removal South Jersey | Lewis Lawn & Tree Service

You could hire any South Jersey tree removal service, but there are many reasons why South Jersey homeowners and business owners trust the tree removal specialists at Lewis Lawn & Tree Service:

South Jersey Stump Grinding

Tree Removal South Jersey | Lewis Lawn & Tree Service

We can remove just about any stump, no matter what size or location. We can even grind the stump to the ground so that it will be flat, and after new grass has grown, you won't even know a tree was there!

South Jersey Storm Damage Cleanup

When a storm comes through South Jersey and knocks down twigs, branches and even trees onto your property, contact Lewis Lawn & Tree Service to clean up your yard so it looks as clean, meticulous and presentable as it did before the storm.

Contact Us for South Jersey Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Call the professional South Jersey tree removal and stump grinding experts at Lewis Lawn & Tree Service at 609-859-3327, or email us, for all your residential or commercial tree and stump removal needs.

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